Xavax Reinigingsset Koffiemachines Midi | 4047443136770

Special 4-part cleaning kit for fully automatic coffee machines which allow the preparation of frothy milkContents of the kit:Extra long, very flexible milk hose brush (length: 33 cm, diameter: 12 mm) made of braided stainless steel wire, with brushFor milk hoses or suction pipes of milk containers as well as for the majority of fully automatic coffee machines which suck in milk from a separate milk containerCleaning brush for removing coffee powder from grinders, filter holders, brewing units, etcSuitable for portafilter machines and fully automatic coffee machines3.5 mm nozzle cleaning brush for cleaning nozzles, valves and outlets easily from limescale and coffee grease2.5 mm nozzle cleaning brush, extra thinIt is quite difficult to keep long milk suction hoses cleanMilk contents such as milk fat, lactose (milk sugar), protein, etc. are deposited on the inside of the hoses and cannot be dissolved completely by simply rinsing the hose which results in flavourful lossesOnly mechanical cleaning with a brush can safely remove these depositsNote for Consumers:The best cleaning result is achieved if the milk hose brush is additionally soaked with the cleaner for frothed milk nozzles (item no. 00110733)Aansluiting 1: Reinigingskwast

Ean: 4047443136770

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