Xavax LED Lamp 230 Volt 4.5Watt E14 Kaarsvorm Warm Wit | 4047443253163

Particularly energy efficient bulb with a power consumption of just 4.5 WDecorative candle shapeParticularly suited to continuous use, when the lighing must be switched on for a long time, e.g. practice rooms, lobbies, chandeliersPleasant, warm white light for general lighting applicationsFor indoor and outdoor useWithout mercury and leadNote for Consumers:This LED bulb may only be used in appropriate fixtures. When replacing the bulb, it must be allowed to completely cool off and the mains voltage has to be switched off. Exchange damaged bulbs straightaway. No liability for improper use. This LED bulb is designed for use in open fixtures. The heat produced during operation can thus be given off to the environment. The prognosticated service life refers to use in open fixtures. LED bulbs can naturally also be used in closed fixtures which will, however, reduce their service life (insufficient cooling). Not dimmable!Aantal LED: 10Aantal schakelcycli tot een vroegtijdige uitval: 12500Brandpositie: 360 °Dimbaar: NeeFitting: E 14Kleurtemperatuur: 2700 KLevensduur Lamp Factor 6000 h: 0,8Nominale Levensduur: 25000 hOntstekingstijd: 0,12 sStandaard conditie: 25 °CVermogensopname van een equivalente gangbare gloeilamp: 32 WDiameter: 37 mmHoogte: 105 mmNetto Gewicht: 32 grLampstroom: 41 mAStroombehoud Lamplicht Einde van de Levensduur: 0,700Vastgelegd Vermogen (0,1 W): 4,5 WVastgelegde Levensduur: 25000 hBedrijfsspanning: 230 VConsistentie in kleuren: 6Elektrische Vermogensfactor: 0,5Energieverbruik: 5 kWh/1000hNetfrequentie: 50 HzNominale Vermogensopname: 4,5 WKleurweergave-index: 80Lichtkleur: Warmwit

Ean: 4047443253163

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