Hama Pl Circular 37 | 4007249820372

For bright colours – removes reflectionsNeutral colourCoating: one layer on each sideQuality standard (glass): optical glassRotary mountImpact on the pictures:Puts contrast and depth in the picture, the sky gets blue, clouds get white and colours become clearer and brighterAccording to the position of the filter, contrast and depth vary and non-metallic reflections (water, plastic, glass, etc.) are removedA shooting angle of 30-40° to the reflective surface will give the best effectsBeschermfilter: JaFilterschroefdraad: 37 mmFiltertype: Polarisatie CirculairGlassoort: Optisch Glas (HR)Metalen Vatting: ZwartMontage Dikte: 6 mm

Ean: 4007249820372

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