Hama DVB-T Binnenhuis Antenne Mini | 4047443278470

For digital TV reception (DVB-T/DVB-T2) and radio reception (with adapter)Passive, compact DVB-T rod antenna with a magnetic baseFrequency range: VHF: 174 – 230 MHz/VHF: 470 – 862 MHzEasy to install: stand up, plug in and you’re doneRadio reception possible with an adapter, F plug – coaxial socket (not included)Length of coaxial cable: 1.40 mNote for Consumers:To process the antenna’s DVB-T2 signal, also your TV must be equipped with a DVB-T2 tuner. If it is not, you will additionally require a DVB-T2 receiver or DVB-T2 boxAansluiting: Coaxiaal StekkerLengte Coax kabel: 1,46 mFrequentiebereik: 174 – 230 MHz/470 – 862 MHzKleur: ZwartGebruiksdoel: Kamerantenna

Ean: 4047443278470

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